Geothermal Intelligence

Designing world changing commercial solutions from science.

What We Do


Upflow turns geothermal science into real world gains. Experts build the solutions you need to do things better, quicker and smarter. The Upflow team make projects easy by doing all the difficult research and development for you. They deliver the science so you can get on with your real job!


We have clients across the world. Upflow makes your project happen so you can focus on your business. We solve complex problems and deliver practical solutions. No more losing sleep over R&D – we’ve got you! Our team ensure the science makes sense and has the right impact in your business.


Our consultants are experts in their field. Exceptionally talented, smart and trustworthy people doing the science they love.  We connect scientists to projects that spin their science wheels & Upflow manages the rest.  Expect excellent communication, world class credibility and real-world solutions.

About Us

Upflow delivers intelligent solutions to the global geothermal industry.

We understand how complex science solutions boost business success. We translate the science for real world application in your business.

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