GOOML: Geothermal Operation Optimization & Machine Learning

Upflow is commercialising GOOML from a research codebase to a deployable commercial product

GOOML is a software package that allows geothermal operators to run myriad scenarios simulating changes to their operations (e.g. shut planning, strategy development, and optimisation), improving the efficiency and electricity output of geothermal steam fields.

“Geothermal field optimization is actually not that complicated.”



Geothermal fields, with their bespoke arrangements of machinery and unique systems, are too complex for simple algebra, for measuring every operational parameter in every location, or for quick operational decisions.

GOOML offers more efficient and accurate data processing methods allow operators to better manage their steam-field operations and improve overall performance.

Benefits include:

  1. Automation of routine tasks, quality assurance and data centralisation
  2. Time saving – faster decision making and freeing up engineering capacity
  3. Optimisation of an entire steam field in a single digital simulation environment, avoiding risky and costly physical interventions
  4. Better tools and more robust information, supporting improved decision making, improved reporting and better investment decisions
  5. Operational improvements: at least 1% increase in electricity output for each geothermal steam field
Photo Credit: Chris Sisarich
Photo Credit: Chris Sisarich

What is GOOML?

GOOML is a geothermal operations optimisation framework based on machine learning and components modelling, under constraints informed by physics. This means it is both computationally clever and true to real life.

The framework was developed using real-world operations, with data from geothermal steam fields of various types and configurations, to develop digital twins (i.e. digital model or representation of a real-life physical product, system or process). Digital twins allow operators to run countless ‘what if’ scenarios stimulating changes to their operations entirely in the digital realm, without having to experiment using a ‘live’ operation.

Read more about GOOML R&D results here (search “gooml” to filter results)

Geothermal Steamfield

Process Engineering View

Digital Twin

Optimisation Simulation


More Information

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