At Upflow, we help you tackle tomorrow's challenges with cutting-edge scientific and engineering expertise. We have a deep understanding of how data can empower your business, and we leverage global networks, innovative thinking, and world-class techniques to develop novel solutions.

Our technical and project management expertise ensures that you receive credible, world-class operational solutions for your business problems.

Choose Upflow to stay ahead of the curve and achieve your goals with confidence.

photo credit: ALLY MACFARLANE

Steam Field Design and Optimisation

We can conceptually design, predict, instrument and analyse the performance of new and existing facilities. This includes expertise in thermal performance, scaling and corrosion potential, operability and risk management. We will help you develop system management plans that ensure you are maximising outputs.


Strategy is in our nature — we love a good brainstorming  session! Our experience in governance and steering roles, and our facilitation skills, are sure to help you design and implement your geothermal vision and strategy.

Research Implementation

We understand how great science solutions boost business success. We will translate science and research for real world application in your business.

Reservoir Management

We have extensive expertise in the management of geothermal reservoirs. We will work with you to understand what is needed to optimize your operational efficiency and help you apply innovative solutions that increase your revenue.

Emissions & Scaling

We’re experts in non-condensable gas abatement and mineral scaling solutions for geothermal power stations. Using world-leading methods, based on best available research and industry best practice, we can help you decarbonise, improve efficiency and reduce the risks of scaling damage to your equipment.


We have a deep technical knowledge of geothermal processes and management systems. We will help you review risk, benchmark geothermal operations, and assess what good geothermal operations management looks like.


We are experienced in the delivery of large, complex, multi-disciplinary projects. We will manage the technical, financial and relational aspects to deliver science solutions within commercial timeframes.

Relationship Management

We are the scientific translators, bridging the communication gap between research and business. We’ll use our vast connections and networks in Aotearoa and internationally to accelerate the success of your project.


We are passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion. Our educational programme provides a toolkit for culture change, centred on respecting and appreciating what makes people different.